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The Back Story

Everything starts with an idea and a conversation

Heldana and Essey met in 2017 at a film event in Washington DC.  They were both standing in line to speak with a renown filmmaker.  The line was long, so Heldana turned to Essey and started a conversation.  The ideas flowed.  About a year later, Yegna Story was born.

Our Purpose

Strengthening Identity. Creating Community.

We tell stories to help Ethiopian youth hold on to their cultural identity.  No matter where they are, we want them to know who they are. 

Meet The Team



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Heldana Afework is an international writer, comedian and filmmaker who uses her voice to educate and entertain a global audience about Ethiopia. She is the co-founder of Yegna Story and a Project Manager for a multinational firm.  

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Yohanan Ermias Bekele aka Black Buddha Sounds is an Ethiopian composer and bassist , crafting  instrumental music, ambient/cinematic loops, jingles, tracks and melodic sections for use by filmmakers, musicians and producers.



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Nebiyou Elias is a gifted cinematographer and director with a lifelong passion for filmmaking.  He uses his art to demonstrate the power of motion pictures, the most important medium of our times.



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Robel Moges is a master filmmaker dedicated to illuminating the full range of human experiences on the silver screen.  A humanitarian at his core, Robel uses visual storytelling to build community for creatives.

Ever think about filmmaking?


Thank you, yegna konjo.  We will contact you to go over volunteer crew positions.   

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